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Life Size Garden Bronze Boy Fishing Statue Factory Supplier

Our factory has cast bronze child fishing sculptures of different shapes for many customers. These bronze fishing statues would be the best decoration in parks and lakeside.

Item No: BOK1-096

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Application: Garden, Pool, Lake, Park, Backyard

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Bronze Child Fishing Statue Details:

Whether it’s the affectionateness of the child or the details of the outfit, our bronze fishing statue is very interesting and vivid. First, our bronze child fishing sculpture is proportioned to the child’s true size. Every child’s clothes and look are different. And the hats worn by children are all unique. The naughty child sat barefoot on the tree stump. The tree stump was in perfect proportion to the child’s height. Of course, there are also children wearing work clothes, with matching colors and shoes.

In addition, the fish the children catch are also different. The scales of each fish could be realistically reflected. Whether you want a crouching child sculpture or a child sculpture sitting in a tree, we have ready-made clay models available. Therefore our bronze fishing statue lead time would be shorter and you could receive these lovely sculptures quickly.

Provide Customized Services:

Each child sculpture could allow us to recall and record a good time, of course, if you want to customize a bronze fishing child sculpture for your child. We could provide customized services. You could send us photos of your children fishing, and our excellent artists could make clay model sculptures of the same proportions based on the photos. Of course, if we just want to replace the face of the child we sculpted with the face of our own child, we could do that, and our artists could create directly on the basis of our original clay model. This way you could save the cost of the clay model and ship it quickly.

Colors Available in Various Options:

Children’s art is always colorful, and we have very good coloring artists who are good at mixing out a variety of bright colors. Moreover, we use a chemical coloring method, which could ensure that the boy fishing statue becomes more natural and realistic over time. The chemical solution fully reacts with the bronze under the condition of heating and oxidation. Therefore, the color of our bronze fishing statue is more durable and beautiful.

Life Size Bronze Child Fishing Sculpture
children Fishing sculpture

If you want a bronze boy fishing statue please feel free to contact us. The bronze child sculptures cast by our artists always touch the hearts of our clients and evoke their best memories and unforgettable childhood days.



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