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Life Size Bronze Child Sculpture Playing Rabbit Chasing Garden Decor

This fun bronze child sculpture captures the joy of our childhood memories. There is always lush green grass and some cute little animals around our grandma's house. This bronze sculpture reflects that in these beautiful times, we always play happily and grow vigorously.

Item No: BFI-045

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Application: Garden, School, Square, Park, Backyard

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Details of The Rabbit Chasing Sculpture:

In a garden with green grass and flowers, we can see this bronze sculpture of a child chasing an escaped rabbit. Our bronze child sculpture freezes and records this beautiful scene. Think about how many memorable and nostalgic moments we have as children, a wonderful childhood can heal us throughout our lives. When we see those photos that record happy times, we always raise the corners of our mouths and smile happily. So imagine how happy this very realistic bronze child sculpture will be placed in the courtyard of our home, which will make us feel happy every day.

The Meaning of the Bronze Child Sculpture:

The best education for children is to let them get close to nature and learn from nature as their teacher. Being in nature can stimulate children’s ability to continuously explore and satisfy their curiosity. When this sculpture appears in the park or in the backyard of a home, it can always arouse the most beautiful and happy memories deep in people’s hearts. Of course, if you want to record your best moments, customizing a bronze child sculpture is a good choice.

Many excellent works created by artists are related to the artist’s childhood and growth. Some artists are obsessed with observing insects, so they create all artworks related to insects, including pictures representing the crawling traces of insects and sculptures of insect deformations. Of course, as parents, we should always accompany our children to get close to nature, so as to leave a lasting memory for their childhood. This boy sculpture can be a public art to influence people’s ideas and nostalgia for childhood.

Provide Customized Services:

Each of us has a unique childhood if you want a bronze child sculpture of your own. Our artists can cast your child’s sculpture to look like the real thing. First, our designers can draw renderings based on the customer’s description. Secondly, when the customer thinks that the renderings perfectly show the appearance and meaning of the sculpture he wants.

Garden lifesize child sculpture

Our artist will create a clay model of the child’s statue in the same proportions. During the process of manufacturing the clay model, our artists will communicate with the customer in detail, so we can change the appearance and expression of the child’s sculpture in time. Through one-to-one customization service, our final bronze sculpture can surely meet the customer’s needs.

lifesize child sculpture

If you would like to cast a bronze child sculpture, please feel free to contact us. The artists at YouFine are sure to provide you with a lifesize child sculpture that represents your happy childhood days.

bronze child statue clay model

In addition, we also produce different styles of children’s sculptures for many schools and parks and other projects. We have very professional service personnel for large sculpture projects.



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