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Life Size Bronze Buffalo Sculpture Park Ornament for Sale

This bronze buffalo sculpture uses a black patina color. It is finely cast and brightly colored by YouFine’s experienced artists. Placing such an exquisite bronze buffalo sculpture is very decorative in your home and outdoors.

Item No: BAN-080

Material: Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Transportation: Shipping

Advantages: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

Application: Park; Garden; Yard

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Bronze Buffalo Sculpture Description

This bronze buffalo sculpture is cast by YouFine’s experienced artists. Their mastering of casting bronze animal makes this buffalo sculpture looks like a real buffalo. The curvature of its horn and the muscle curves of its body are full of power and very attractive. Buffalo sculpture is an artistic decoration to enhance the beauty of the home environment. And exquisite buffalo sculptures are not only ornamental, but also show the owner’s taste and cultural background.

bronze buffalo sculpture


Symbolic Meanings of This Bronze Buffalo Sculpture

Buffaloes have important symbolic significance in some cultures. As an important partner of human beings in agricultural farming, they are hardworking and fearless, representing the farmers’ hard work and selfless dedication. In some areas, buffaloes are also seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The important position of buffaloes in religion is also more prominent. Cows are the most frequently used animals for sacrifice, in some areas, people regard buffaloes as the incarnation of gods, symbolizing the connection between nature and ancestors.

bronze buffalo sculpture-jpg

A Mascot That Keep Peoples Spirit Up

In Chinese Feng Shui, people are believing that buffalo sculpture can  bring wealth and prosperity. It symbolizes effort and the accumulation of wealth, placing it in your home, especially in the southeast corner of your home (which is considered the direction of wealth), can enhance your family’s wealth. Buffaloes also represent hard work and perseverance. Placing a buffalo sculpture in your home or office can remind you and your family to be diligent and proactive, which will help you succeed in your career and achieve your goals.


Where to Place?

Placing a buffalo sculpture in the living room can serve as the main decoration to welcome guests, symbolizing the host’s hospitality and the family’s wealth. Placing a buffalo sculpture in the study or office can symbolize diligence and hard work in studies and careers, and help improve work efficiency and career fortunes. The entrance is an important passage in and out of the house. Placing a buffalo sculpture here can bring good luck and wealth and protect the safety of the family.

life size buffalo statue

life size buffalo sculpture

bronze-buffalo-sculptureOur artists have cast many  bronze buffalo statues for you to choose. Each of them are all exquisite both in appearance and colors. You can pick anyone you like from them. We assure you that the quality of them are what you see in the picture is what you get, or even better.

bronze buffalo statues

We also have many other bronze animal sculptures. Each of them are the finest masterpiece. If you are looking for such exquisite bronze animal sculptures, come to YouFine’s website and get more information.



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