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Large Wild Real Bronze Jackalope Statue Mythical Creature Art

The Jackalope statue was born in Douglas and is a symbol of Douglas. Located on a concrete building in the heart of downtown, this Jackalope sculpture stands 8 feet tall, making it the tallest in the world. The entire sculpture is made of high-quality bronze and looks very realistic.

Item No: BOK1-566

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Superiority 3: 30 Years Quality Guarantee

Application: Garden, Zoo, Square, Manor

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

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The Jackalope statue originated in Douglas and serves as an iconic symbol of the city. Situated atop a concrete structure in the bustling downtown area, this impressive Jackalope sculpture stands at a towering height of 8 feet, making it the world’s tallest of its kind. Crafted entirely from top-grade bronze, this sculpture exhibits an incredibly lifelike appearance.

Folklore Art

Discover the Story Behind the Sculpture:

Douglas is the unofficial birthplace of the big-eared, horned animal of North American folklore and the self-appointed “Jackalope Capital of the World,” This Jackalope animal was created by Douglas Herrick in 1932. Upon returning from a hunt, Herrick and his brothers attached antelope horns to jackrabbit bodies while making taxidermy specimens, and sold their creations to local hotels, thus popularizing from that time until now.

large jackalope statue

The Jackalope is the official sacred animal of the state of Wyoming. In 2007, the state of Wyoming purchased an even larger bronze jackalope sculpture from a man in the northwest. The jackalope sculpture, nearly twice the size of its nearby cousin, now sits in front of the Douglas Railroad Interpretive Center.

Western Frontier Legend

YouFine Reproduces the Jackalope on a 1:1 scale

YouFine, as a direct factory, the story with sculptures was started in 1983, we have customized bronze sculptures to meet our clients’ needs for 41 years. In order to make a perfect 1:1 jackalope for you, our artists would make a clay mold first.

Rabbit Antlers

YouFine’s artists would continuously modify the clay mold to achieve a very high degree of reproduction, based on the dimensions and photographic data of this original work. After the clay mold is finished, we will send the photos for you to check, you can see the effect directly and vividly! YouFine’s artists would give your jackalope statue in more detail, just like you see in Douglas!

Mythical Creature

Durable for Hundreds of Years of Decorating:

YouFine makes your Jackalope sculpture beautiful to look at, and also more sturdy and durable. As we can see, the Jackalope is larger, it has rabbit ears and also slim antlers on its head, which requires a high level of sturdiness for the sculpture as a whole.

Mythical Beast

YouFine Jackalope sculpture, although hollow, is made of high-quality bronze material, which is solid, corrosion resistant and durable. The entire sculpture is cast using the lost wax method, making it very strong and beautiful. YouFine’s metal Jackalope sculpture can be easily adapted to all kinds of extreme environments, it can decorate anywhere you want!

Creature of Folklore
animal sculpture bronze

Fulfill Your Imagination Of Surface Effects:

YouFine can fully meet your styling needs for the Jackalope sculpture, making it easy to match various installation scenes. The coloring method we use is patina, which is a natural method that produces different color effects by mixing different proportions of chemicals and reacting with them.

Horned Rabbit Statue

YouFine’s artists can make the surface of the sculpture in different color effects according to your requirements. This method of coloring will not fade after a long period of time, but will only become more natural and antique over time! The Jackalope sculpture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and will withstand the elements for generations.

Jackalope Sculpture
Jackalope Collectible

If you’re interested in this bronze large jackalope rabbit sculpture, please contact us immediately! YouFine, the whole team would always be here and ready to support you at any time! Contact us, to get a favorite quotation and more information!



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