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Australian Bronze Kangaroo Male Standing Animal Statue Garden Art

This realistic wildlife bronze kangaroo garden statue, cast from high-quality bronze, has a vivid appearance and would last for ages. It could be used for home and garden decoration, as well as for tourism, nature displays, safaris, and themed promotional events.

Item No: BAN-004

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Keywords1: Kangaroo Garden Statues

Keywords2: Bronze Kangaroo Sculpture

Keywords3: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Application: Garden, School, Square, Stadium, Museum

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Bronze Kangaroo Garden Sculpture Detail:

This tall wildlife bronze kangaroo garden statue would perfectly decorate your outdoor space. This bronze kangaroo sculpture stands upright on the ground with its hands intertwined in front of its body, exemplifying the tall and heroic nature of the wild animal. We could clearly see that the kangaroo’s ears are erect and its tail is naturally hanging down on the ground. It is as if we could see a real kangaroo looking at us through this kangaroo garden statue.

bronze kangaroo statues
kangaroo statues

YouFine Artist Story:

YouFine is a professional bronze sculpture foundry and has been a family-owned and operated factory since 1983. YouFine has a professional clay modeling studio and a team of professional sculpture artists. YouFine has a specialized clay studio and a team of professional sculpting artists, who learned clay modeling techniques from their fathers at an early age and have accumulated a wealth of casting and practical experience.

lifesize garden kangaroo statues

In addition, in order to reproduce the realistic Kangaroo sculpture, artists would to our local zoos to observe the behavior and habits of kangaroos! As a result, YouFine’s Kangaroo sculpture always wins the satisfaction of our customers, and we hope you would too!

bronze lifesize kangaroo statues

Made of High-quality Materials for Durability:

YouFine’s large bronze kangaroo garden statue must be a replica of a high-quality handcrafted work of art! YouFine would cast the kangaroo sculpture using high-quality bronze metal, which is over 80% bronze, and 20% other metals to ensure the sculpture’s sturdiness. Although the interior of this bronze kangaroo sculpture is hollow, we have used the traditional manufacturing process of lost wax to make the sculpture stronger and, at the same time, retain more detail! Let this sculpture accompany you to witness the future together!

bronze kangaroo outdoor sculpture

Natural and Unique Patina:

As you could see, this bronze kangaroo garden statue3 has different colors for different body parts on its surface, antique bronze, and bronzey green. YouFine coloring artist carefully mixes the chemical ratios during the coloring process, and each part is colored by hand by the artist. The coloring method used is a natural chemical coloring, known as patina, which does not fade over time like spray paint, the color only becomes more natural and classic. If you want this sculpture to have any effect you desire, YouFine could do it for you!

lifesize kangaroo statues
outdoor kangaroo statues

If you’re interested in this large wildlife kangaroo bronze statue, please contact us to get more information. YouFine, the whole team would always be here and ready to give you a favorite quotation! Look forward to your coming!



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