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Famous Greek Bronze Laocoon and His Sons Statue Manufacturer BOK1-433

YouFine could cast different sizes of Laocoon statues for you, which could be placed in any place as decoration. If you are interested, please read on to get more related information.

Item No: BOK1-433

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc

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The Myth Behind the Laocoon Statue:

This famous bronze Laocoon and his sons statue depict the death of Apollo’s Trojan priest Laocoon and his two sons. According to the epic, when the Greeks delivered the Trojan horse to the gates of Troy, hoping to break through their fortifications. Laocoon tried to warn the Trojans of this ruse saying, “Beware of the Greeks carrying gifts.” The goddess Athena, who sided with the Greeks, sent giant sea serpents to kill Laocoon and his sons for their interference.

High Similar Assurance:

In this Greek sculpture, Laocoon reproduces the design of the sculpture very well. YouFine ensures a high degree of reproduction by first showing the mud film to the customer and regularly sending the progress map of the sculpture to the customer. Our professional clay model artists are very professional and could perfectly reflect the expressions and details of the characters in the clay model. In addition, we could also make 3D printing models according to customer requirements.

Precise Patina Method:

YouFine Artists uses a patina method to color Laocoon and his sons sculpture. Different chemical liquids are mixed together at different degrees, and then the liquid is poured on the bronze surface to be heated, and after several layers of discoloration, it finally presents a beautiful patina color. And, our artists always work hard to try new and different colors. So YouFine could meet your needs for all kinds of colors of bronze statues.

This Laocoon sculpture is a Tasteful and highly decorative collection for the home. And the high-quality bronze material makes it a timeless artwork. What’s more, in addition to the bronze Laocoon statue, we could also make a marble Laocoon statue. Welcome to contact us to get a better price.



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