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Custom-Made Bronze Atlas Holding the World Statue BOK1-421

An appealing outdoor art decor statue featuring the Greek God-Atlas could be custom-made into different sizes at YouFine. And more Greek mythology statues for sale are customizable. Welcome to consult with us.

Item No: BOK1-421

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc  

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With exaggerated musculature and typical facial features and poses, the cast bronze atlas statues are perfect for artistic decoration. There are many size and design options at YouFine. YouFine is an experienced direct bronze sculpture factory that owns a wide range of sculpture designs. And our prices are direct factory prices, which are lower than the prices you can get in your country.

What Does the Atlas Statue Represent?

In Greek mythology, the titan Atlas was responsible for carrying the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. It is a punishment given to him by Zeus. In popular culture, Atlas is recognized as a theme of endurance to transcend physical and emotional pain. The atlas shrugged statue made with this theme has also become one of the well-known works of art and has become a very popular decorative sculpture in the city.

Patina Coloring for Atlas Statue:

This atlas holding the world statue uses a traditional patina method, adding a natural sense of story to the sculpture. YouFine’s artists have mastered the essence of the advanced patina coloring method. They are not only able to mix the colors of this bronze atlas statue precisely, but also to mix more unique colors that other factories cannot do. Therefore, if you are looking for bronze sculpture colors, our artists can provide you with more beautiful color choices. So, there must be a color you like.

More Famous Designs Support Customization:

Atlas shrugged statue is one of the popular designs and there are more similar designs. These famous works could be customized and the artistic effect of the sculpture can be guaranteed. Because YouFine’s artists use the traditional lost wax method to cast bronze sculptures. In this process, we also use advanced silica Sol technology which ensures the details of the sculpture.

YouFine’s one-stop service and customization will meet any requirements you may have for your bronze sculpture. Looking forward to your cooperation.



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