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Custom Fiberglass Royal Gold State Coach for Sale FOKK-016

What a glorious eye-catching royal golden carriage! YouFine customs various types of splendid gold state coaches which could be used for both decoration and driving.

Item No.: FOKK-016

Material: Fiberglass/resin

Size: Life size or Customized

Service: Door to Door delivery

Price: Please Contact YouFine Factory

Package: Strong Wooden Crates

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door To Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc

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The Great Charm of Gold State Coach:

The gold state coach was originally a reference to the lavish royal carriage made in Australia for Queen Elizabeth II of England. The golden coach is extremely ornate and dazzling in appearance. What is even more unique is that the coach is made of nearly 100 pieces of British artifacts, and is therefore called a “moving museum”. And there are various important occasions for this costly carriage, such as state visits and weddings. Therefore, the fairy-tale design and exquisite decorations make this royal carriage become a focus of attention. Just wonder who does not want to feel the ride in such a luxurious and noble royal carriage? YouFine could custom one that could fulfill your needs of the golden coach.

Highly Restored YouFines Custom Carriage:

YouFine has a lot of outstanding royal gold coaches, these carriages are based on the classic carriage shape to make. The difference is that we use high-quality fiberglass material to make our carriages. So they are affordable for most people. The appearance of the fiberglass carriages we make is also very beautiful and dignified. Moreover, our carriages are of a high degree of reproduction. Because we have designers who have a good command of making carriage drawings and professional carriage-making artists. They are very well-versed in carriage mechanisms and classic ornaments and are able to produce them perfectly.

More Royal Gold Coach Designs:

First of all, our royal golden carriages have many different designs, such as the carriage’s body’s shape and the carriage’s color. In addition, we also have different carriage designs for different purposes. For example, we have royal carriages that are decorative like sculptures, and royal carriages that are mobile. Furthermore, we can also customize the royal carriage according to the needs of our customers. For example, we can widen the seats of the carriage for customers who have a demand for the number of passengers. In short, YouFine could meet any customization needs.

Wide Application of Royal Carriage:

With the development of time, the royal carriage has also been very widely used in daily life. First of all, the unique appearance of the carriage is very similar to the pumpkin carriage in the fairy tale. Therefore, the royal carriage could create a romantic wedding as wedding carriage. What’s more, when there is a grand event, using the royal carriage as a parade car is also very attractive. And, a luxurious and exquisite royal carriage placed there will be able to play a perfect decorative effect.

YouFine could custom any designs of fiberglass royal golden carriage you want. And apart from that, We also have more elaborate parade floats for your giant events. Come and contact us for more information!



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