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Bronze Nano Nagle The Lady of the Lantern Statue

Our factory has cast many religious statues, and we have a ready-made clay model for this life-size bronze nano nagle statue. You could save time and save more than $1,000 in clay model costs.

Item No: BCH-014

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Application: Garden, School, Farm, Church

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The Details of Nano NagleStatue:

Bronze Nano Nagle statue, a woman with a determined walk holding a lighted lantern, her gaze seems to be lifted towards the mountains and beyond. She is not alone, at Nano’s right handstand a little boy and girl who gaze lovingly towards her. They almost appear to be running in order to keep beside Nano Nagle.

Bronze Nano Nagle
Bronze Nano Nagle The Lady of the Lantern Statue

Make 1:1 Clay Model:

We pay attention to every step during our bronze religious sculpture casting. Making 1:1 clay model is a very important step, It directly decides the quality of our bronze figure sculpture. You could see that the bronze Nano Nagle statue has many casting details, such as the clothes, hair, and facial expressions of Nano Nagle and the two lovely babies, so during the process of making the clay model, we would send clay mold pictures and get approval of next step to our client repeatedly according to their needs.

Virgin sculpture clay model

Top-level Hand Artists:

Our professional artists have engaged in bronze figure sculpture for decades, they have sculpted many bronze figures with different characteristics, so they have rich experience. All of our artists observe various figures’ traits every day, so they could accurately understand and cast the bronze figure’s body shape, posture, eyes, emotions, and facial lines using different ways and techniques.

nano nagle lantern
The Lady of the Lantern statue

Also, most of our artists know the story of the famous Lady of the Lantern as we all know that knowing the stories of our bronze figure sculpture, our hand artists could cast the sculpture more perfectly and with higher restoration.

nano nagle statue
bronze nano nagle statue

Professional and Convenient Shipping:

Our company has focused on this field for more than 41 years, exporting numerous sculptures to various countries smoothly. We have 5 common shipping agents and 5 alternative agents, we have cooperated over many years, and we are their SVIP partner, so we could choose the best suitable shipping agent to deliver our sculpture to our clients smoothly and we would try our best to offer more support both of price and shipping safety.

bronze The Lady of the Lantern Statue
custom bronze religious statue-YouFine Sculpture.
Packing and Shipping of Head Sculpture

If you are interested in our Bronze Nano Nagle Statue, and you are touched and proud of the story of Nano Nagle, welcome to custom our Bronze Nano Nagle Statue(The Lady of the Lantern). We would try our best to provide the best price and quality for you!


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