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Bronze Large Platypus Statue Wild Animal Garden Ornament

The Bronze Platypus Statue is a remarkable sculpture that accurately captures the appearance of a real platypus. Made of bronze, it showcases the unique features of this fascinating creature.

Item No: BAN-012

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Keywords1: Platypus Statue

Keywords2: Large Platypus Statue

Keywords3: Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

Application: Garden, School, Square, Museum, Zoo

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The Platypus Statue is a magnificent sculpture located beside the water pool in the children’s playground. It portrays a platypus with vibrant and lively eyes. One of the unique features of this statue is that it could seat four adorable children on its back, allowing them to play and have fun. The sculpture is incredibly detailed, with realistic fur and every aspect of the body accurately represented. The most distinctive characteristic is the platypus’s beak, which is truly remarkable.

Bronze Large Platypus Sculpture
Large Platypus Statue

Large Platypus Statue Feature:

The statue depicts a medium-sized mammal with a sleek and streamlined body, covered in dense, waterproof fur. Its body is elongated and slightly flattened, giving it a streamlined appearance similar to that of a duck. The sculpture showcases the platypus’s characteristic webbed feet, which are perfect for swimming and diving.

bronze big Platypus statue
big Platypus statue

The most striking feature of the statue is the platypus’s beak, which is a defining characteristic of this animal. The beak is long, flat, and wide, resembling that of a duck. It is perfectly sculpted, capturing the intricate details of the beak’s line and shape.

Bronze big Platypus Sculpture

The Platypus Statue also accurately portrays the creature’s eyes, which are bright and lively, reflecting its inquisitive nature. The fur on the sculpture is meticulously crafted, capturing the fine details of the platypus’s fur texture and providing a realistic and lifelike representation.

Platypus statue art

Overall, YouFine Bronze Platypus Statue is a stunning depiction of the unique appearance of a platypus, showcasing its distinctive features with great attention to detail and accuracy.

Bronze Large Platypus Statues

Provide Drawing Design:

We offer personalized services to our clients, ensuring a one-on-one approach throughout the entire process, from conceptualization to the completion of the sculpture. Our team works closely with the clients, starting from the initial sketches to the finalization of detailed drawings, providing clear 2D and 3D renderings that allow clients to visualize the sculpture before it is cast. These renderings also help clients envision how the sculpture will complement its intended environment.

Large Platypus Sculpture
Bronze lifesize Platypus Sculpture
Platypus statue

Exquisite Clay Model:

During the creation of the clay model, our artists accommodate any modifications or adjustments requested by the clients, ensuring that the final clay model accurately represents their vision. This collaborative process ensures that the clay model is lifelike and meets the client’s expectations.

bronze animal manufacturer clay model-YouFine Sculpture
racing Bronze Horse Statues clay model

Once the clay model is approved by the client, we proceed to create the bronze sculpture. This involves mold-making, casting, meticulous finishing, and coloring. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously polish and carve every detail to ensure a flawless final product.

YouFine bear statue clay model

We are committed to delivering high-quality wildlife sculptures and maintaining close collaboration with our clients. Through our comprehensive one-stop service, we ensure that our clients receive their desired bronze Platypus Statue, capturing the captivating charm of the platypus in a lifelike manner.



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