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Bronze J. Anne Butler Girl And Horse Harmony Statue Replica for Sale

This bronze girl and horse statue is a customized statue cast by YouFine. The beautiful girl and the docile horse form a quiet and peaceful picture. Such a statue can not only be used as indoor and outdoor decoration but also has collection value.

Item No: BFI-039

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Application: Garden, Backyard, Park, Collection

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Unique Design of This Bronze Horse Statue

This bronze girl and horse statue is hollow inside, and the entire statue is cleverly supported by the long skirt of the girl’s dress, which is very design-like. The hollow design not only makes the horse look very lithesome but also adds space for imagination and mystery to people. The softness of the girl and the wildness of the horse are perfectly combined, and the picture looks extremely beautiful.

bronze horse and girl statue

Because of the unique design of this statue, our artists created a detailed clay model to cast this statue. Every part of the clay model has been manually modified by our artists to ensure the perfection of the entire statue.

girl and horse statue

Advantages of This Girl and Horse Statue

The hollow design of the horse reduces the weight of the entire statue, reducing the load on the skirt supporting the statue, and making the whole statue more stable and safe. Moreover, the materials used to make statues are reduced, so the cost is more economical, and transportation and installation are also more convenient. The intimate posture of the girl and the horse highlights the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Placing it in a garden or a theme park of humans and nature can blend well with the surrounding environment. It is also a very good choice as an art collection.

bronze girl and horse statue

bronze horse and girl statue-

Chemical Coloring

Our patina experts designed the perfect patina color for the girl’s long skirt. The beautiful and bright color makes people’s eyes light up when they see it. The color of the horse adds texture to the entire statue. The girl’s hair and skin fit closely with the horse, and the colors seem to blend, showing the intimacy between humans and animals.

girl and horse statue

customized girl and horse statues

YouFine is a place that helps dreams come true.  We can color this girl and horse statue to any color you want. We also have many other exquisite customized bronze statues. Each piece is a master-level work of art. You can reference our bronze female statue. Please don’t hesitate, come to YouFine and make your dreamy statues come true.



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