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Oversize Bronze Bag Sculpture Shopping Mall Decor for Sale

This exquisite bronze bag epitomizes understated luxury, offering a subtle yet unmistakable touch of opulence. Its meticulously crafted design exudes sophistication and refinement, making it a coveted statement piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Item No: BOK1-493

Material: Bronze

Size: Customizes Size

Technique: Lost Wax Method

Application: Park, Square, Shopping Mall


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This bronze bag meticulously captures every intricate detail of its real-life counterpart, from its distinct shape to its tactile texture. With its unique design, this oversized bronze bag stands out as a striking and unconventional decoration for any square or garden. Its presence adds a touch of whimsy and intrigue to the surroundings, drawing the eye and sparking conversation among passersby. Whether placed in a bustling urban plaza or a serene botanical garden, this oversized bronze bag serves as a captivating focal point, inviting admiration and appreciation for its artistry and creativity.

Bronze Bag Sculpture


Customize All The Details You Want

This bronze bag is customizable. We can cast it into any shape you want according to your requirements. Its color can be brown, dark brown, or khaki. We have professional artists who can create all the customized colors you want. The texture on the bag can be a hand-scratch texture, or it can be designed to be a smooth cowhide texture.

famous Bag

unique bronze bag statue

bronze bag statue

Outstanding Casting Process

YouFine has its own bronze statue casting factory. Our casting artists have decades years of experience in casting bronze sculptures. The casting of this bronze bag will first make a clay model according to the design drawings. Our artists will repeatedly modify every detail of the clay model until it is exactly the same as the shape you finalized in the drawing. We also have professional casting experts and complete equipment to ensure that the casting process is professional and every step is accurately controlled.

professional casting process

We use chemical coloring. The color mixing expert sprays the mixed chemical solution on this bronze bag. The chemical solution reacts with the bronze, and the resulting color change is completely integrated with the bronze. Whether adorning the interior of a stylish living room or serving as a focal point in a meticulously landscaped garden, this bronze bag effortlessly elevates any environment with its rare and unparalleled charm. Its versatility as a decor element transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending into various settings while adding an air of exclusivity and allure. Truly, it is a rare and unique adornment that embodies the perfect marriage of elegance and understated luxury.

bronze bag outdoor decor

bronze bag outdoor decoration

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YouFine’s design team demonstrates exceptional creativity, consistently producing innovative statues that spark the imagination. Each piece is imbued with its own unique charm and appeal, making it a charming addition to any home or garden. Whether decorating a cozy corner indoors or gracing an outdoor landscape, our statues are timeless works of art that enhance ambiance and evoke a sense of wonder. Below are some stylish modern sculptures, you can choose from any of the various unique and charming sculpture styles.

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If you are interested in this kind of Modern Bronze Sculpture, you could contact us for more detailed information. We are all here for you.



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