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Custom Bronze Outdoor Eagle Statue for Sale

Custom Bronze Outdoor Eagle Statue:

This life-size bronze outdoor eagle statue is very realistic. Our artist cast these two bronze eagle sculptures in the form of real eagles. You could clearly see that the two eagle sculptures are very realistic in appearance. They stood in the grass like real eagles. Their feathers are very vivid. Of course, in addition to this life-size size, we could also customize it into different sizes according to your needs. Such as the actual size of the garden, the large size of the square, or other sizes according to your needs.

Commemorative Significance of the Eagle Statue:

The eagle is a symbol of bravery and victory. And the eagle is also the symbol of the hero and the patron saint of the family. Also, the national emblem of the United States is the Bald Eagle. In addition, the osprey, a specialty of the Americas, is also the national bird of the United States. At that time, Franklin suggested that the turkey, which is unique to the Americas and has a considerable influence on American life, should be used as the national bird. But the vast majority of Americans disliked turkeys so they chose bald eagles.

For many countries, the eagle has a very beautiful meaning. In particular, they represent the image and spiritual outlook of the country. Although they are animals, they are also part of the earth. And the eagle is still a very remarkable existence. The bronze garden animal statue allows us to observe the eagle form up close and inspires us to keep growing and refining our minds. That’s why many people cast large bronze sculptures.

Commemorative Significance of the Eagle Statue:

Different Bronze Eagle Sculptures:

YouFine Sculpture is a top art factory in the field for over 39 years. Over the years, we have made many custom bronze eagle statues for clients from different countries. Such as the eagle soaring high, the bronze family sculpture feeding the young eagle, and so on. YouFine could provide high similarity and high-quality bronze large eagle statue decoration items for your square or your house.

Different Bronze Eagle Sculptures:

How YouFine Keeps Customers Happy?

We are custom sculptures. We could customize this bronze eagle statue according to customers’ various requirements for design and size. We would start by making a clay mold the same size as the bronze sculpture. If the customer has any comments on the details of the sculpture, we would modify it according to the customer’s request until the customer is satisfied.

How YouFine Keeps Customers Happy?

Then we started casting bronze eagle sculptures with molds, so our final outdoor eagle decoration always pleases our clients. This sculpture is feedback from our customers who are very satisfied with our metal eagle statue. Especially the sharp eyes of the two eagles shocked people’s hearts.

How YouFine Keeps Customers Happy?

Life always needs some spice, we need to see different scenery. If you want to add some different colors to your life, then this sculpture is definitely a good choice! Contact us today and YouFine would surely provide you with the perfect bronze large outdoor eagle statue!



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  1. Tre' Hutchins

    Price for YFBEG06 Large Falcon Statue

    • Hello, thank you for your interest in our bronze falcon sculptures. Our sales would contact you promptly and would provide you with a direct factory quotation and size. YouFine eagle statue is made of high-quality bronze material. We have cast this bronze eagle sculpture for many customers, of course, our artists could fully restore the appearance of the falcon statue.

  2. Rodney Pack

    How much for 2 YFBEG – 05 ?

    • Thank you for appreciating our bronze eagle sculpture, our professional sales have contacted you by email, please believe that our professional casting experience and experienced artists can provide you with an exquisite bronze eagle statue.

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