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Large Bronze Tortoise Sculpture Beach and Garden Decor BOK1-447

Look! This large bronze golden tortoise sculpture is a unique focal point that attracts the attention of countless visitors. YouFine could custom a perfect replica for you.

Item No: BOK1-447

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.

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This Bronze tortoise sculpture is a magnificent outdoor artwork that is sure to attract the attention of anyone passing by. The large tortoise statue also has a rider sitting on a turtle shell with the reins clutched in his hands.

The entire turtle and rider are bronze, making the sculpture even more sturdy and durable. The appearance of sculpture is displayed in a golden bronze green finish, which adds to the overall visual appeal of the sculpture.

YouFine Using Patina Method to Achieve Golden Finish:

YouFine’s artists have mastered the unique method of painting bronze sculptures through the patina. Patina is a chemical coloring process where a solution is applied to the surface of a bronze sculpture to achieve the desired color.

Therefore, we could apply gold to the large tortoise statue and any color the customer wants. Our artists can control the final color of the bronze sculpture by adjusting the composition of the solution, exposure time, and application technique.

This chemical coloring method creates a natural protective layer on the surface of the sculpture. It also helps to protect it from environmental corrosion. As a result, our bronze sculptures are stable and will not fade or corrode easily. And our wide selection of colors provides a unique look to the statue, adding to the overall beauty of the sculpture.

More Outdoor Garden Turtle Statues:

Turtles have a meaning of protection and longevity in some cultures. So they are also often seen in some other places outdoors as sculptures. For example, also over the sculpture placed in gardens and parks, people could enjoy the fun interactive decoration.

Secondly, some places related to the theme of the sea also commonly used large garden turtle statues to attract visitors’ attention. Of course, you could use outdoor garden turtle statues to create a unique focus with water features. Such as fountains, ponds, seaside beaches, and other places.

So if you are looking for turtle statues for sale or magnificent bronze sculptures, YouFine could help you. Welcome to consult us for more information.



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