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Large Bronze Outdoor Squirrel Sculpture for Garden Foundry Supplier

Crafted from premium bronze, this collection of squirrel sculptures stands at approximately 50cm tall each. Our skilled artisans have masterfully depicted the expressions and forms of these charming creatures.

Item No: BAN-067

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Customized Size You Want

Technique: Lost Wax Method

Toll-Free: +86-17897571005

Application: Garden, Square, Park, Forest

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If you have a fondness for real-size animal statues, you’ll surely adore this collection of bronze squirrel sculptures. Our artists skillfully crafted each squirrel with expert artistry, shaping their bodies into charming, chubby forms that exude cuteness. The natural luster of bronze brings these squirrels to life, gleaming brightly in the sunlight. Rare and exquisite, these squirrel sculptures make perfect gifts or charming additions to any home garden.

large squirrel statue
squirrel decor
squirrel statue for garden

Exquisite Clay Models:

Every bronze squirrel sculpture in our collection begins with an exquisite clay model. Each detail on the clay model is meticulously hand-carved and refined by our team of professional artists. To capture the intricate fur and adorable facial expressions of the squirrels, we use silicone molds to create wax models, ensuring that every detail of the animal’s appearance is faithfully reproduced.

large squirrel statue clay model
squirrel garden statue clay model

As for this set of bronze squirrel sculptures, we already have clay models available, allowing our VIP clients to utilize them free of charge. These clay models serve as the perfect starting point for customization and provide our clients with a preview of the final sculpture’s appearance.

squirrel statue clay model

Chemical Coloring Techniques:

Each bronze sculpture undergoes meticulous hand polishing by our skilled artisans. They meticulously sandpaper every rough spot until the entire sculpture gleams with smoothness. This process enhances the integration of our bronze and colors, creating a tighter, more natural fusion.

Bronze squirrel garden statue
Bronze squirrel statue for garden

Our coloring artists, trained extensively and honed through years of practice, are adept at crafting any desired hue. Additionally, we employ chemical coloring techniques to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sculptures but also ensure that our bronze squirrel sculptures acquire a more natural patina over time.

squirrel statue art
bronze squirrel statues
coloring customization_

With extensive experience in casting bronze animal sculptures, our foundry boasts a wide array of exquisite bronze animal statues. Should you have any specifications regarding size or pose, feel free to inform us to customize your unique bronze squirrel statue. Don’t hesitate any longer—bring your favorite sculpture home from YouFine today.



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