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Large Bronze Boxing Hares Garden Ornament Michael Simpson Art

Bronze Boxing Hares is a famous sculpture depicting two boxing hares engaged in combat. The sculpture is made entirely out of bronze, giving it a stunning and lifelike appearance. The hares are captured mid-action, showcasing their agility and strength.

Item No: BAN-018

Material: Bronze

About Us: 40 Years Factory

Technique: Lost Wax Process

Service: Customize Acceptably

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

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Each bronze boxing hares is intricately detailed, showcasing their muscular bodies and powerful hind legs. The artist has beautifully captured the movement and energy of the hares, with their bodies contorted and their limbs extending gracefully. The hares are shown with their front paws raised, ready to strike, showcasing their determination and competitive spirit.

bronze rabbit art statue

Bronze Boxing Hares Detail:

The bronze boxing hare sculpture also showcases the hares’ unique characteristics. Their long ears are pricked up, conveying their alertness and focus. Their fur is depicted with intricate textures and patterns, adding to the realism of the sculpture. The overall composition of the piece creates a dynamic and engaging display, highlighting the intensity of the boxing match between the hares.

Outdoor bronze rabbit

Bronze Boxing Hares is a captivating sculpture that not only showcases the physical prowess of these animals but also celebrates their beauty and grace. It serves as a testament to the artist’s skill in capturing the essence of these creatures in a timeless and captivating work of art.

Bronze Boxing Hares sculpture

Customized Bronze Boxing Hares:

The Bronze Boxing Hares sculpture could be customized to meet the specific preferences of our clients. Our artists have the expertise to tailor the appearance of the hares according to the client’s requirements. Whether it is altering the physical characteristics or capturing a specific pose, our artists could bring the client’s vision to life.

Bronze Boxing Hares

In addition, our artists are skilled in creating abstract surface effects for the hares. This allows for a more contemporary and artistic interpretation of the sculpture, providing a unique and personalized touch.

Bronze Boxing Hares art

Furthermore, if a client prefers a more realistic approach, our artists could meticulously cast the sculpture with lifelike fur texture. This attention to detail ensures that the hares appear as natural and authentic as possible, enhancing the overall visual impact of the sculpture.

pair-of-bronze-hares-boxing sculpture

Moreover, the size of the hares and the boxing stance could also be customized to suit the client’s preferences. Whether the client desires a larger or smaller sculpture or wishes to depict the hares in a specific boxing pose, our artists could accommodate these requests.


Overall, our goal is to offer a personalized and tailored experience for our clients, allowing them to have a Bronze Boxing Hares sculpture that perfectly matches their artistic vision and preferences.

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