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Exquisite Bronze Bernward Column Church Decor for Sale

This exquisite bronze column is cast by YouFine’s factory. It depicts 24 scenes of Christ Jesus’s entire life. YouFine’s fine casting technique makes every relief on this column lifelike.

Item No: BSO-010

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantages: Door to Door Delivery; Factory Supply

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The Bernward Column Description

This Bernward Column is named after bishop Bernward. It is also called the Christ Column because it depicts images from the life of Jesus. It was first made for St. Michael’s Church, and it is a bronze masterpiece of Ottonian art which generally has a grand and heavy style. Our artists’ choice of high-quality bronze exactly echoes the heavy history of this column.



The Deep Meaning of the Bernward Column

Each of the 24 intricately carved reliefs on this bronze column is a visual narrative of Jesus’s life. It also reflects the complexity of the theology of the time. The upward spiral symbolizes the path to salvation, echoing the idea of a stairway to heaven. The narrative from top to bottom reflects Christ’s descent from the divine realm to save humanity. In this way, the column becomes a physical manifestation of the core doctrines of Christian theology. Placing this bronze column in the church, people can learn about Jesus’ divine life and feel his dedication and fearless sacrifice for the world.



Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine’s factory has many experienced casting experts and each of them has been engaged in the statue manufacturing industry for at least 30 years. They can replicate the statue only by looking at the picture. Moreover, we are a factory direct supply. We can provide better quality raw materials and cheaper prices while making better quality products. Our statues are selling well at home and abroad, and the response from consumers has been very good.


YouFine has cast many holy bronze Jesus Statues, you can find any bronze religious figure statues on our website. Or you can provide the design drawings, we also provide the customized services for you.

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If you are looking for some exquisite bronze religious figure statues, please come to YouFine. If you have any questions about our statues, please contact us through our website.


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