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Customized Bronze Anatomical Human Heart Sculpture for Sale

YouFine’s experienced artist cast this intricate and delicate human heart sculpture. Our artist using superb skills makes this heart sculpture look like an actual heart. This heart sculpture has a unique shape and attracts people to observe more about human body.

Item No: BSO-011

Size: Customized Size

Material: Bronze

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantages: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

Application: Art Museum; Human Body Museum

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Anatomical Heart Sculpture Description

The heart is one of the most important and complex organs in the human body. Making a human anatomical heart sculpture requires artists to combine art and anatomy. Our artists present a masterpiece that perfectly combines scientific precision with artistic elegance. This is not just a representation of an organ, but a testimony to the complex beauty and profound symbolism of the human heart, a work of art that expresses the essence of life.

bronze human heart.jpg-

Precise Human Heart Sculpture Manufacturing Process

This artwork sculpture uses high-precision bronze as the raw material for a long service life. Our artists first make a clay model and use the plasticity of clay to sculpt. In the initial stage, they will form the general outline of the heart. As the modeling progresses, details such as the separation of the atria and ventricles, valves, and major blood vessels are gradually added.

human heart sculpture

Finally, our artists use fine tools to depict the details of the heart, such as the surface of the myocardium and the smoothness of the inner wall. Throughout the manufacturing process, our artists will refer to anatomical and design drawings, and constantly adjust the clay model to make it more realistic and meet customer customization requirements.

bronze human heart.-


Comprehensive Customized Services

YouFine provides several customized services for customers. You can add your ideas to your customized sculptures and choose the color you want. We have a complete manufacturing process, and the only thing you need to do is communicate with our designer and confirm your design drawing. We will strictly cast the sculpture according to your drawing as you require.

human heart statues.

YouFine Factorys Advantages

We use high-quality bronze materials but our prices are favorable factory prices. Our artists are professional sculptors who are not only experienced but also have excellent understanding and interpretation of art. The finished sculptures made in our factory are even more amazing than what you see in the photos.

YouFine's factory

YouFine is dedicated to serving people who are trying to make their dreamy things into sculptures. Come to YouFine and customize your unique bronze sculptures.


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