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Bronze Valerie Hadida’s La Grande Zenitude Sculpture Replica for Sale

Valerie Hadida is a French sculptor, she is good at portraying female sculptures. Each of her sculptures shows a unique female image, with different expressions and gestures, as if each woman has independent thought and different affections.

Item No: BFI-056

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Customized Size

Color: Green Patina

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantages: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Valerie Hadida Bronze Female Sculptures Description

Valerie Hadida’s bronze sculptures mainly depict teenagers or middle-aged females, all of whom have lush hair-like tree branches. These females always sitting with various postures. Their facial expressions are also different. Every female in her sculptures has a unique character.

Bronze La Grande Zenitude Sculpture

La Grande Zenitude-Sculpture-jpg

Unique Female Charming

Valerie Hadida is deeply convinced that it is the female who will change and save the world. All of her female sculptures have an uneven finish. They are all imperfections. This exactly highlights these sculptures’ female characteristics. Bronze-La Grande Zenitude-Sculpture-jpg

Why Choose YouFine?

1:1 Clay Model:

Before we cast bronze sculptures, we will make a clay model. We have experienced artists who are very good at carving figure sculpture clay models. We are in line with the principle that Valerie Hadida has, that only the hand-carved clay model can transform the graceful curves and hand-smoothed feel that each female sculpture has.

clay model

Great Green Patina:

Each female sculpture has a green patina. Our patina experts can use the matched chemical solutions to react with the bronze, and then produce a beautiful patina on the sculpture surface. By doing this, our bronze sculptures can be preserved for a longer time and become more beautiful and elegant along with the time.

Bronze-La Grande Zenitude-Sculpture

Customized Services:

We accept the customization of all of Valerie Hadida’s female sculptures. You can choose any sculpture you like. If you like other artists’ artworks, you can also tell us. We have professional designers who can help you customize your dreamy sculptures.

Bronze-La Grande Zenitude-Sculpture..

YouFine has customized many famous artist bronze sculpture replicas. Here are some artworks of Philip Jackson. Our artists have superb casting skills and their reproduction of artworks is extremely high. Combined with the high-precision bronze raw materials we use, our sculptures are 1:1 replicas of the original sculptures.

famous artist's artworks

If you like our artist’s sculptures or you want more artists’s artworks information, you can get more detailed information on our website. Come to YouFine and join us on a journey to find the charm of art!



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