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How Many Stairs are in the Statue of Liberty?

About the Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty is also known as Liberty Enlightening the World. here are 354 stairs inside the statue of liberty This bronze sculpture is a giant classicist statue on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, USA. And, she was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. In addition, the sculpture was built by Gustave Eiffel and was inaugurated on October 28, 1886. This famous sculpture was a gift from the French people to the American people. Among them, the figure is a woman in a robe.

She represents the autonomous god in Roman mythology. We could see that she holds the torch in her right hand, and the booklet in her left-hand reads the date of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in Roman numerals: “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776). In addition, there are broken chains at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. The liberty statue is a symbol of freedom and America, and a welcome signal to immigrants.

How Many Stairs are in the Statue of Liberty

First of all, there are 354 stairs inside the statue of liberty from the base to the crown. Among them, 354 steps are equivalent to 20 floors. And inside are all narrow enclosed areas (spiral stairs). The steps are not that wide, about 19 inches (48 cm). Also, the ends of the stairs statue of liberty are shallow and tapered. The head clearance of the sculpture is approximately 6 feet.

The base of the Statue of Liberty is 152 feet high. The height of the bronze statue of freedom is 46 meters, which is 93 meters from the ground to the tip of the torch. The statue of the goddess is 34 meters from the heel to the top of the head. Also, her hands are 5 meters long. There is no doubt that the Statue of Liberty is the most famous large-scale bronze sculpture in the world.

Statue of Liberty Tickets:

Of these, an adult ticket for the status of liberty that includes a ferry ride from New Jersey or New York is $24.30. Most tours also include a stop at the National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island. Of these, any child under the age of 4 could enter for free without a ticket.

Adult (ages 13-61): $24

Children (4-12 years old): $12

Seniors (62+): $18

statue of liberty tickets-YouFine Sculpture

Origin of the Little Statue of Liberty:

Small Statue of Liberty France is sending a second, smaller Statue of Liberty to the United States. 135 years after giving away the original Statue of Liberty, France would be giving away a second, smaller Statue of Liberty. The sculpture would travel across the Atlantic just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. The bronze statue of the goddess nicknamed “Little Sister” has been in France since its completion in 2009. At 9 feet tall and nearly 1,000 pounds, the replica statue is one-sixteenth the size of the original.

YouFine is Able to Reproduce 1:1 Scale:

Our artists have been working in bronze sculpture for 40 years. Course, their experience in casting bronze sculptures is very rich. And, in the continuous inheritance, our technology of casting bronze sculptures is more and more capable of casting high-quality bronze sculptures. First of all, we use silica sol technology in the process of making the sculpture. This technique ensures that the sculpture would not appear with white spots after a long time.

Second, we would make a clay model of the same scale for each bronze sculpture. Moreover, our artists are very skilled in making clay models. They would restore every detail of the bronze Statue of Liberty very closely. Furthermore, only clay models with high similarity could guarantee the highest degree of restoration of bronze sculptures.

bronze liberty statue-YouFine Sculpture

Please believe that YouFine artists would be able to cast a high-quality bronze goddess sculpture for you.Ten, if you want a life-size bronze figure sculpture, we could customize it for you. Please feel free to contact us for more casting details and preferential direct factory quotes.



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