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An amazing Bronze Jesus Statue Located Underwater

The Story of Christ of the Abyss:

Have you ever seen a photo of a statue of Jesus submerged underwater? In the Mediterranean, near San Fruttoso, there is a bronze statue of Jesus placed underwater. Because of where it is placed, the sculpture is also known as the Christ of the Abyss. This sculpture is created based on the idea of Italian diver Duilio Marcouldte.

It was installed 17 meters below the waves in August 1954, where it remains today. However, due to corrosion and crustacean growth, the statue was taken out of the water for restoration and was restored to its original appearance in 2003. One hand of the bronze Jesus sculpture was also once divided by an anchor, which has now been replaced. 

Much Loved Bronze Jesus Statue:

This underwater bronze Jesus statue is about 2.5 meters high. With outstretched hands and head raised to the sky, this classic Jesus statue offers the blessing of peace.  And many similar bronze Jesus statues have been placed underwater and above ground around the world, some as homage to the original and some as mere imitations.

But in any case, copper Jesus sculpture is so popular. Whether in densely populated areas, or in remote places, this revered artwork could be seen. What’s more, YouFine, as an experienced bronze sculpture foundry could offer the high-quality bronze Jesus statue with various design and delicate details.

YouFines Jesus Sculpture Display:

YouFine could guarantee our customers receive the high-quality bronze Jesus sculptures, because we not only have rich cast experience but also extremely professional artists. Our artists have been engaged in the bronze sculpture industry for nearly 30 years, and have strict requirements for details. What’s more, our artists who make Jesus sculptures are devout Catholics, and they make each sculpture with respect.

Our bronze Jesus sculptures come in a wide variety of designs and could be customized. There is no limit to the size of the custom copper sculptures we support. Whether you need large sculptures to be placed outdoors or small sculptures to be placed at home, we could meet your needs. And our sculpture color also supports selection, we have professional sculpture coloring masters. They could mix colors very accurately and apply them evenly.

Do you want to customize a copper sculpture with the same design as Christ of the Abyss? Feel free to ask us for details and we would provide you with a perfect work of art.



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