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Why Needs to Know the Material Before Buying Bronze Statues?

Bronze is an excellent material for making sculptures and is always a popular metal. If properly cared for, bronze sculptures can last a long time. With the recent rise in bronze prices, bronze sculptures can even be a good investment. Bronze sculptures are a great way to decorate an interior space, whether it’s your home or your office. They add a touch of sophistication and style, if carefully selected, can enhance any room.

History of bronze sculpture:

As far as history is concerned, bronze is the most popular material for cast metal sculptures. Bronze has been used for sculpture and other artworks since the metal was discovered and began to be used to make tools and bladed weapons. Some of the most famous bronze statues date back to BC. The ancient Egyptians were also very fond of making bronze statues, as were the Greeks and many Asian civilizations.

Properties of bronze:

Bronze alloys expand slightly before solidifying. This unusual property is one of the key reasons why countless artisans have enjoyed working with bronze over the centuries. This property allows artisans to create the finest details with less trouble and effort than with any other metal. In addition, most bronze alloys also shrink a bit as they cool, which also makes them easy to separate from the mold.

Despite all these benefits, and despite the long history of bronze used in sculpture, the alloy has gone through a long period of quiet in its artistic development phase. Fortunately, it has been “rediscovered” after each of these periods. In the Renaissance and during the Industrial Revolution.

Choose YouFine:

Today, although modern technology allows the easy use of other metals, bronze is still often used in sculpture and other crafts. The tradition of using bronze, its classic and beautiful color, the metal’s strength and malleability, and its ease of use make it an excellent choice for sculptors around the world. Modern bronze alloys have a more uniform composition of 88% bronze and 12% other metals, which makes for a harder sculpture. If someone tells you to use 100% bronze, believe me, this sculpture will not “survive” outdoors.

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