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Before Buying Sculpture, I Want to be Honest with You.

If you are looking for a bronze sculpture for your home, this article may help you.

There are two main factors to consider. The first is the style of the sculpture, and the second is the quality of the material.

Choosing Sculpture Style:

The style of a bronze sculpture is obviously completely subjective. Even if we are a factory, we cannot absolutely tell you which one looks better. But we can do our best to recommend the right one for you. Whether you prefer a classic European art style or an ancient Asian art style such as Chinese or Persian, we can reproduce it. As long as the sculpture fits the interior design of the environment, it is a good-looking sculpture.

Choosing Material Quality:

However, what needs to be considered more objectively here is the quality of the bronze. If you are buying a sculpture, you should expect it to be of high quality and you will encounter two different types of bronze: bonded bronze and molten bronze.

Two Methods of Making Bronze Sculpture:

Let’s start with fused bronze, a casting method also known as the lost wax method, which is of superior quality.

Then I’ll introduce some bonded bronze, also known as bronze resin or cold-cast bronze. It is actually made of polyester, epoxy resin, bronze powder, and resin. Sometimes it is mixed with bronze powder, sometimes it is applied to the finished sculpture. From the surface, it appears very similar to a bronze sculpture. Either way, if you are looking for quality, it is best to avoid buying these bronze sculptures. By the way, all our bronzes sculpture is lost wax method.

bronze animal sculpture process

If you are looking for a bronze sculpture as a form of investment, then also consider where you can find the best value. Often, many sculptures are reproductions, but I would recommend that you purchase a bronze sculpture that has value.

Do bronze sculptures tarnish?

Unfortunately, yes. The loss of luster on the surface of bronze is caused by a chemical reaction of the metal through the air, moisture, or contact with acids that come into contact with it, and are usually green in color. But artists appreciate this luster, which they believe gives a sculpture a certain depth and feel.

If you want your sculpture to retain its bronze color for a longer period of time. To avoid it, you may want to consider the following steps.

1. Keep the sculpture in a place with low humidity.

2. Protect the sculpture from dust and other corrosive materials.

3. Avoid touching or prolonged touching of the sculpture.

4、Avoid contact with paint or fabric.

5, Periodically wipe your sculpture carefully with a soft cloth or toothbrush.



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