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Why Do So Many People Like The Bronze Bison Statue?

American Bison in Yellowstone:

There are a large number of American bison in Yellowstone National Park. The virgin forests, cauldrons, grasslands, waterfalls, rivers, and every natural landscape here have stunning beauty. Therefore, many wild animals live here. The many reasons why people like bison start with the bison in Yellowstone Park.

01 The bison looks very fierce but a bit clumsy.

They have “humps” on their backs. They weigh nearly 1,000 kilograms but their horns are short. We could clearly see the sturdy body of the bison, with thick long curly hair on its head. They also have long-haired, swarthy bullnoses. The most special thing is its high shoulders. Viewed from the front, it looks very much like the unique “humps” of a camel. People couldn’t help but like this honest look.

02 In winter, the bison would push away the snow and graze with its face, and would go to the hot springs for a few hours.

The short grass is covered by snow, and if they want to eat grass, they have to find a way to clear the snow. The American bison’s method is quite unique. They don’t use legs but use their big face to push away the snow on the ground, and then they could eat the grass. If they couldn’t find good fodder, they would eat lichen to satisfy their hunger. In the freezing season, the American bison living in Yellowstone Park is more blessed. Because there are natural hot springs in Yellowstone Park. They sometimes spend several hours in hot springs, sheltering from the cold. The American bison really enjoys life.

03 Bison like to join in the fun, take a mud bath from time to time, and rub on the tree trunk.

American bison likes to join in the fun, just like us humans. They always move in groups, forage for food, and like to roll in the dirt. When they take a mud bath, they could drive away from the mosquitoes that bite themselves, and on the other hand, it also leaves their own odor.

04 The male bison is very graceful, and the most delicious grass is given to the female bison to eat first, and often fights for marital rights.

Summer is the breeding period of American bison, and bulls are more irritable than usual. They are full of energy and hardly have time to eat in order to find cows in heat. So a “diet plan” would be carried out and eat a small amount of food. Therefore, they rely on their own fat and physical energy for daily consumption. Such huge bullhead, muscular body. And their thick fur, these are the capital to attract cows.

05 The thick and long hair of the bison could also defend against the enemy.

Wolves are natural enemies of American bison. If they encounter wolves or are provoked, the American bison could turn around flexibly and deal with the wolves despite their huge size. If the distance is long, the American bison would quickly run towards the enemy. Therefore, they use their weight and speed to produce a huge impact to attack the enemy. Their heads are very strong, and their short horns are also very powerful, and they could knock the wolf into flight.

06 From dominating the grasslands of North America to being on the brink of extinction, the bison has now become the national animal of the United States.

In the long torrent of time, the American bison experienced a catastrophe. The American bison went from dominating the grasslands of North America to being on the brink of extinction and then becoming the national animal of the United States. These all stem from people’s choices.

To sum up these reasons, people really put a lot of effort into protecting the bison. And because of the charm of the bison itself, it has also won the love of many tourists. Therefore, the bison life in Yellowstone Park is very comfortable.

American Buffalo is Actually Bison City:

The buffalo sculpture is a representative sculpture of Buffalo in the United States. So the bronze buffalo sculpture is very popular in Buffalo. Buffalo, originally the word “beautiful river” in French, was later named Buffalo according to the sound. The original meaning of buffalo is Asian buffalo or African buffalo, but here it refers to American bison, so Buffalo is called bull city more appropriately. However, people often misunderstand because of Buffalo’s bias. So Buffalo in the United States is actually the city of bison.

YouFine Life-Size Bronze Bison Sculpture Details:

The life-size bronze bison sculpture is 2.1-3.5 meters long and 1.5-2.0 meters high at the shoulder. YouFine artists use the traditional lost wax method. Therefore, the reduction degree of the bronze bison statue reaches 100%.

How To Determine The Final Similarity?

Before casting the bronze bison statue, the first step is to make a 1:1 clay model. During the model-making process, YouFine would update the progress pictures for customers to check every week. If you are unsatisfied, you could make suggestions and YouFine artists could modify them for you. After you approve the model, we would proceed with bronze casting.

Share A Purchase Case:

In August, YouFine had a client from Buffalo who came to us and wanted us to make a bronze bison sculpture for him. He lives near the city zoo, and his neighbor keeps a life-size lion in his yard. So he wanted to place a bronze bison statue to decorate his yard. He said that he really thinks the design of our bison is very beautiful! Exactly what he has been looking for.

YouFine believes that we would not let you down. If you have any sculptures you want to make, please consult us immediately!



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