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Why Do People Like Bronze Centaur Sculptures?

Battle of The Centaurs:

Battle of the centaur sculpture is a marble relief by Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, created around 1492. And this story is a popular art theme in ancient Greece. This sculpture is now in the Michelangelo’s House Museum in Florence, Italy. Michelangelo considered this to be the best of his early works. Although he has destroyed or abandoned many other works, he has retained this work throughout his life.

Battle of the Centaurs Story:

This theme stems from a mythical story about the humiliation of Princess Hippodamian on the day of her wedding to the Lapis king. And the centaur was invited to the wedding banquet, but they were drunk and tried to kidnap the bride and harass other women. As a result, the fierce conflict between humans and centaurs broke out.

The Legend of The Centaur:

Nephele is a cloud that looks like Hera in Greek mythology. At a banquet, King Ixion of Lapith molested the queen Hera. Zeus made Hera invisible and shaped Nephele to replace Hera. After being drunk, Ixion mates with this phantom to produce a centaur, a centaur.

The True Source of The Centaur:

Some people think that the centaur was a reflection of the nomads from Central Asia by the Greeks who had never seen cavalry at the time. These horseless tribes could easily regard these nomads’ cavalry as a kind of half-man, half-horse monster. So this is why in Greek mythology, most centaurs are described as savage, cruel, and lustful.

Centaur Sculptures Casting Process:

YouFine has been engaged in bronze figure sculpture for 40 years. We have rich experience in sculpture casting and foreign trade export. First, our artist would carve a 1:1 scale clay model. Secondly, the traditional lost wax method would be used to cast bronze centaur sculptures. Secondly, our artist would weld and polish the bronze model. Finally, YouFine’s coloring artist would use the chemical formula coloring method to color.

YouFine guarantees that customers would receive completely restored bronze centaur sculptures. Our packaging would be strict and solid, so you don’t have to worry about any problems during transportation. Of course, YouFine would purchase full insurance for each sculpture. If you are interested in this sculpture, please contact us immediately.



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