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What Is The Origin of Bronze Egyptian Statue Sphinx?

The Appearance of Sphinx:

The Sphinx is a famous ancient monument in Egypt, and the most representative remains of ancient Egyptian civilization along with the pyramids. The statue is 21 meters high, 57 meters long, and its ears are 2 meters long. The face is that of Hafra, the pharaoh (that is, the king) of the fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt.

The Appearance of Sphin

Legend of The Source of Looks:

Legend has it that in 2611 BC when Khafre visited his tomb, the Khafre Pyramid Project, he ordered a stone statue for himself. The craftsman carved a lion’s body ingeniously and used the face of the pharaoh as the head of the lion. In ancient Egypt, the lion was a symbol of strength, and the Sphinx was actually a portrayal of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh. The statue sits west to east, crouching beside the tomb of Khafre. Because it resembles the human-face monster sphinx in Greek mythology, Westerners call it “sphinx”.

Legend of The Source of Look

Myths And Legends About Sphinx:

In ancient mythology, the Sphinx is like a monster born of giants and monsters. This monster has a human head, a lion body, and wings. Sphinx is cruel by nature. And he learned a lot of riddles from the Muse, the goddess of wisdom, and he often stayed at the big intersection. Therefore, every pedestrian must guess a riddle if he wants to pass. If the pedestrian guesses wrong, the Sphinx would eat the person. But Sphinx finally committed suicide to redeem his sins.

Myths And Legends About Sphinx:

Other Sphinx Looks Like:

In fact, the Sphinx statue is not unique to Cairo, Egypt. It’s just that this one in Cairo is the largest and the oldest. However, other sphinxes were carved by bullheads and sheep heads. And they are all squatting. The difference is that some of them also raised a paw.

Other Sphinx Looks Like

The Mystery of The Construction:

It is generally believed that the Sphinx of ancient Egypt was used to guard the pharaoh’s cemetery. And it is a combination of wisdom and bravery. The sphinx, pyramids, and temples are great architectural projects. However, many archaeologists still insist that the Sphinx was built by Khufu.

The Mystery of The Construction

Symbolizes The Reincarnation And Rebirth of Life:

Standing in front of the Sphinx on the summer solstice, you could see that the sun seems to be set between the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Khufu. This phenomenon symbolizes the reincarnation and rebirth of life. In other words, Khafre arranged the location of the pyramids, sphinxes, and temples based on the activities of the sun. The entire complex is a cosmic engine.

Symbolizes The Reincarnation And Rebirth of Life

Hara used the power of the sun and other ancient Egyptian gods to resurrect the pharaoh’s soul. This not only guarantees the eternal life of the ruler after death but also maintains the universal natural order. Such as seasonal changes, the annual flooding of the Nile River, and the daily life of the people.

Symbolizes The Reincarnation And Rebirth of Life

In this sacred cycle symbolizing death and resurrection, the Sphinx may represent many things. First represents the dead King Hara. Secondly, it represents the ruler incarnate as the sun god. At the same time, it is the guardian of the underworld and tombs.

Symbolizes The Reincarnation And Rebirth of Life

Realistic Bronze Egyptian Statue:

YouFine has 39 years of experience in bronze figure sculpture casting, so we could completely restore the bronze Egyptian statue. Especially YouFine is very good at casting famous Sphinx statues.

Realistic Bronze Egyptian Statue

The chief artist of YouFine once went to Egypt to visit the Pyramid of Khufu. Therefore, YouFine artists attach great importance to the expression of the connotation of sculpture. Especially YouFine artists pursue excellent works. There is no doubt that you would receive a realistic Sphinx statue.

Realistic Bronze Egyptian Statue

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