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Custom Bronze Statues & Sculptures at Wholesale Prices

How Could I get one custom bronze sculpture?

Usually, Customers sent us pictures and wanted a life-size bronze sculpture created. We sculpted the sculpture in clay first keeping life-size proportions and once the customer approved the model, we produced an identical lost-wax bronze casting. When it comes to bronzing services at Bronze, it all begins with an original piece of work of art. We will provide the wholesale price for the new customer, and you will find our price is much lower than your local market.

If a client doesn’t have an original but has an idea or vision of what it is they want, the artists at YouFine Bronze can customize it for them. The original art form is then used to create a mold and undergo the ‘lost wax process in order to be made into bronze.

custom bronze sculpture from photo
custom bronze sculpture from photo

Not only artists can come to YouFine Bronze Foundry to have their art turned into bronze. Private individuals, communities, families, schools, cities, and absolutely anyone can commission a project and have it custom designed and made at Bronze.

Want to create an amazing bronze sculpture that will be cherished for generations?

YouFine Bronze foundry creating beautiful, lifelike bronze sculptures is my passion. We understand the needs of today’s artists to realize your latest work in bronze. Also, the need of an art publisher who needs a professional, reliable, and consistent art casting partner. YouFine Bronze Foundry is here to help you.

If you can dream it, we can make it…

YouFine Bronze Foundry and its team of talented artists and sculptors capture your visions and come together to create your fine art castings in Everdur Bronze, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel, or Marble. Our national and international clientele and artists travel great distances for our services. Not because of our competitive pricing and fast turn-around times, but rather because of our world-renown museum quality fine-art castings and discrete client relationships.

bronze custom statue on sale

Custom Bronze Statues Service

Have you wished you could have a bronze statue or bust of yourself or somebody you love? Or a bronze reproduction of your favorite museum sculpture? We frequently have requested from our customers for custom bronze portraits and statues. If there is a custom bronze sculpture that you would like to commission, please send us pictures and we will give you a free quote of how long it will take a how much it will cost. Payment is required in order to start the process of creating a bronze sculpture. It typically takes 35 days to 60 days for the completion and delivery of a custom bronze, and in the case of very complex sculptures, it may take more time. We will be able to give you more details once we see the details of your request. “Lost Wax” bronze (or hot-cast bronze) is actually 100% pure Bronze – essentially copper and tin. The making of a “lost wax” bronze is a complex and time-consuming process, and specific technical expertise is needed to accomplish the task of making a bronze. The most known and used process for making “lost wax” involves pouring molten bronze. This is the same method used by the ancient civilizations to create bronze sculptures. Our lost wax bronze sculptures are produced in this same technique. Below are a few examples of our completed bronze sculpture commissions to give you an idea of the quality you may expect for your custom order.



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  1. I need my father bronze status

    • Hello, dear Srinivas. thank you for your interest in our bronze custom sculptures. Our sales contact you promptly and would provide you with a direct factory quotation. YouFine custom statue is made of high-quality bronze material. We have cast many bronze custom personalized sculptures for our customers, of course, our artists could fully restore the appearance of your dear father.

  2. Douglas Cooper

    I need two of the flying wild boars recreated that can be found outside hogwarts castle in universal studios Orlando. You can google this to see an example. Of someone can please reach out to me that would be great.


    Doug cooper.

    • Hello, thank you for your interest in our bronze wild boars sculptures. Our sales have contacted you promptly and would provide you with a direct factory quotation and size. YouFine boars statue is made of high-quality bronze material. We have cast this bronze boars statue for many customers, of course, our artists could fully restore the appearance of the bronze animal statue.

  3. shad pilgrim

    I’m need two bronze statues of Wyatt Earp life size we really like the one they have in Tombstone AZ or something like that if I could get some quotes.

  4. Disma S Ebajan

    Can i order mini statue?

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