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Where is the Mercury Statue?

Details of Mercury Statue:

The work of the bronze Mercury statue creates an image of a naked teenager. Among them, he was wearing a helmet. In addition, his left-hand holds a coiled snake rod and his right hand is held high. Apparently, there are wings on his feet. The overall image of this sculpture is that it is running forward.

Mercury with Caduceus-YouFine Sculpture

The shape of this famous sculpture is vivid and dynamic. Of course, Mercury’s raised right arm was exactly in line with his raised left leg. Then, Mercury’s body structure enriches the composition of the work.

bronze mercury statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture

Where is the Mercury Statue?

There are two famous Mercury sculptures. Among them, the running statue of Mercury is now in the National Museum of Florence, Italy. Another standing Mercury statue is located in a private Museo Soumaya museum.

mercury statue-YouFine Sculpture

What is a Mercury Statue?

One of the works is the standing Mercury, a bronze sculpture by French artist Auguste Rodin. Rodin depicts the mythological planet, Mercury. According to Rodin’s personal preference, he discarded the image of the myth of Mercury. Therefore, Rodin portrays Mercury as an ordinary youth.

mercury sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Mercury’s Myth and Legend:

Mercury was the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. Corresponds to Hermes in Greek mythology. Moreover, his image is generally wearing a hat with wings on his head and wear flying shoes. Also, he holds a wand in his hand. Of course, he is also a middle-aged man who walks like a fly. He is also believed to be the protector of medicine, travelers, merchants, and thieves. Western pharmacies often use his cane wrapped around two snakes as a sign.

bronze mercury statue-YouFine Sculpture

The Most Realistic Clay Model:

YouFine artists would make a 1:1 clay model for every bronze statue and they ensure the detail strictly. Of course, our clay model artist is the best and most excellent. Moreover, our clay model is from original art and the replica is similar to the original statue very much. Also, YouFine Mercury statue would beyond the original art usually.

Roman mythological antique art-YouFine Sculpture

Then, YouFine clay model artists never stop the study to improve their technique of making vividly artwork. Well, they keep a serious attitude toward making a realistic clay model. Of course, through a long time of practice, our artist is the most professional top master in making clay models. No doubt, the realistic clay model would ensure the final bronze Mercury statue is vivid.

antique bronze mercury statue-YouFine Sculpture

And YouFine artist has more than 20 years of experience to cast the roman Mythological figure statue. we got a lot of good feedback from our clients from all around the world. if you want to get a good and high quilty bronze Mercury statue, please feel free to contact us for more information.



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