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Do You Know the Culture of Western Horses?

In the West, a reflection of western horse culture is the spirit of chivalry, symbolizing the spirit. And morality of chivalry, symbolizing reputation, etiquette, humility, perseverance, loyalty, pride, and piety. It is the aristocratic cultural spirit of the upper class. It is a moral and personality spirit based on the superiority of personal identity. But it also accumulates certain positive factors of the ancient European martial spirit of the Western European nation. From the present day to the present, it represents gentlemanship and elegance.

What is horse culture?

Horse culture refers to the sum of the material wealth and spiritual wealth related to horses created in the historical practice of human society. And it includes human knowledge, domestication. So the use of horses, as well as human arts, literary and sports activities related to horses, etc. Reflecting the relationship between man and horse as content, it is a branch of human culture.


Leisure Riding Horse Industry Model-United States

The United States is the world’s horse power superpower. And the stock of horses has grown rapidly over the past half-century. The horse industry provides 1.4 million full-time jobs for people. And the horse industry employs more people than railways, radio stations, and television. The number of horse industry participants reached 4.6 million, and the number of spectators was more than 10 million. There are 2 million horse owners.


The horse industry in the United States is different from other livestock and poultry industries. It is a unique industry. 43% of the horses used for leisure riding, and only 8% of the horses engaged in farming, transportation. As well as the military and police use. The biggest meaning of horses is to improve people’s quality of life. And meet people’s spiritual needs, which makes horses separate from other domestic animals.


All 50 states in the United States have horses. Breeding, breeding, and training usually carries out in the countryside. Competitive competitions, show performances, and other activities usually holds in the city. More than 86% of jobs are in rural areas. The American horse industry structure mainly divides into the following categories. General citizens, competition facilities, non-operating horse owners, first-class commercial horse owners, stimulating commercial horse owners, internal suppliers, and external supporters. The above categories basically constitute the main body of the American horse industry.


There are 8 states with 50-100 horse farms in the United States. The American horse farm adopts intensive management and supporting advanced science and technology. Horse breeding, breeding, breeding management, foal breeding, training, and training are all in strict accordance with scientific requirements. And the data files of each horse are stored by the computer. The pedigrees of horses bred on American horse farms are well documented. With good physical appearance, timely testing of competitive ability. Some of the bred horses are sold abroad, and the quality of horses has reached the world’s leading level.



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