Bronze Garden Sculptures for Our Australian Customers (Part2)

How impressive the large outdoor bronze water fountain is! This luxurious bronze fountain is composed of two exquisite large basins and many mythological figures.

Very large and antique bronze fountain with angel statues design. Because these fountains all use high-quality bronze metal raw materials, they would not rust even if they are exposed to water every day.

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Custom Bronze Made Service

If you’re looking for something very special, you’ve come to the right place. YouFine has customized sculptures for clients in many countries. There are many different types. If you have any custom sculpture needs, please feel free to contact us.

custom design statues
custom design statues 02
custom design statues


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So If You Have Some Requirement About Custom Made Ideas, Please Contact With YOU FINE ART SCULPTURE, We Are The Best Choice for You! Experience is important & our sculptors have it!
statue of King Arthur

Bronze statue of King Arthur Created by artist Rubin Eynon, this eight foot figure of a king watches over his realm, the land ahead of him, the Atlantic sea beyond

Custom bronze bench sculpture

This bronze bench sculpture is the work of Iris Le Rütte.  The title is very appropriate for this bench, where visitors can relax in a beautiful part of the park.

Life Size Bronze Angel Statue For Garden Decoration For Sale

A favorite for people with quiet pastoral style.The light and graceful bronze angel floats in the air as if she were coming from heaven.

large bronze tortoise statue
large bronze tortoise statue 2

Placing such a shocking large tortoise statue in a beautiful garden would surely attract people’s attention. The tortoise is a very spiritual animal. The tortoise has a long lifespan and is considered a lucky beast that symbolizes longevity and health.

group of lion statues
group of lion statues 3

This group of lion statues is made of high-quality bronze material, and all the details have been highly restored.

Whether from a distance or up close, we can see the seriousness and fierceness revealed by the lions.


Our antique bronze lion statues are life-size. This charming lion statue will be made of high-quality bronze and finished in bronze-brown color. To ensure the sturdiness of the sculpture, our pure bronze content will be no less than 88%. Secondly, the thickness of our sculpture is between 6-8 mm. Therefore, the quality of our sculpture is very strong.

Using patina, it is more natural and lasting beautiful. Traditional lost wax method, superb process with 50 steps.

Does bronze have a patina?
A patina is the outside color of bronze. It is the result of a chemical reaction with the copper in the bronze that literally changes the surface color of the bronze and it can be either natural, man-made or both. A great example of a natural patina can be seen on the Statue of Liberty

What is bronze patina?
Over time and when exposed to the elements, bronze undergoes a natural process called patination. Patina is a tarnish that forms on the surface of bronze through oxidation. It results in the distinct blue-green coating or some other shading you might see on old copper roofs and bronze statues

brozne patina color

About the YouFine Foundry

You Fine Art Bronze Gallery is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as”The Sculpture Hometown of China”.We specializes in the production of various bronze statues, and here at You Fine, you could enjoy a one-stop sculpture service. From statue production, delivery to installation instructions, You Fine could provide you with the most complete shopping service, allowing you to receive the goods at home.

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